The Armando J. Malay Papers

Scope and Content Notes

Prof. Armando Malay donated his collection of notes, photographs, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, student papers and books on ethnohistory, folklore, and indigenous Philippine culture to the U.P. Baguio Library in September 1994. The books are located at the Filipiniana Section of the Main Library while the notes, photographs, manuscripts, clippings and student papers are with the Archives Section.

The Malay collection is contained in two (2) boxes.

Biographical Note

Prof. Armando J. Malay, a giant in Philippine journalism and Philippine activism, was born on March 31, 1914 in Tondo, Manila. A former mentor of media practitioners, his life as a journalist began during Manuel L. Quezon’s presidency and continued until Corazon Aquino’s years. He was married to Paula Carolina Malay. Malay was educated in the University of the Philippines where he later taught. He also taught at the Far Eastern University.

Among his publications are: “Our Folkways,” (1955); “Our Animal World,” (1959); “Atlas of the Philippines,” (1959); “Memoirs of Ricarte,” (1963); “Occupied Philippines,” (1967); “The High School Paper,” (1968).

Box List

Box 1

  • The Initial Populating of the Philippines : Some Problems and Interpretations by Aram A. Yengoyan
  • A Discovery Report : The Bongol San Miguel Burial Site, Guimbal, Iloilo by Willis E. Sibley
  • Sulu by Prospero R. Covar (Term Paper)
  • Apayao by Paula Carolina Malay (Term Paper)
  • Cavite Folklore - A Collection of folk tales, folk songs, riddles, proverbs, superstitions
  • Bisayan Riddles with Comments on Christian Filipino Riddling and Analysis by Donn V. Hart
  • Final Report : Socio - Anthropological and Archaeological Field Work in Kulaman Plateau submitted by Dr. Marcelino N. Maceda.
  • Notes on Religious Beliefs and Practices
  • 1 Envelope on “loose materials on Anthropology” which includes:
  • Photographs
  • News Clippings
  • Notes
  • Photo Negatives
  • Letters
  • Receipts

Box 2

  • Guide Book to Exhibit Halls of the Division of Anthropology, National Museum
  • The Otley Beyer Symposium
  • UP Anthropology Bulletin, vol. 2, nos. 2 & 3, 1965
  • The Bais Forest Preserve Negritos : Some Notes on their Rituals and Ceremonials by Timoteo S. Oracion
  • Observations on Some Aspects of Philippine Scholarship and H. Otley Beyer by Leopoldo Y. Yabes
  • Our Responsibilities Toward the Cultural Minorities by Rudolf Rahmann
  • National Museum Ethnographic Collections, 1953 (Archives’ copy with Prof. Malay’s notes)
  • Conversion and the Patterning of Christian Experience in Malitbog, Central Panay, Philippines
  • List of Foreign Place Names : Adopted from a Report of the United States Geographic Board by Mauro Garcia
  • The Code of Sumakuel by J.C. Orendain
  • Philippine Mountains
  • Haring Gangis and Two Cebuano Short Stories collected by Mrs. Josefina Matheu
  • Ethnographic Study of the Pampangans by Ricardo E. Galang
  • The Bukidnon of North-Central Mindanao in 1889 by Frank Lynch
  • Kalatong : a Novel of the Philippine Islands by T. Inglis Moore
  • Dr. Beyer’s Contribution to Philippine Science (Clipping)
  • Photograph of Dr. H. Otley Beyer
  • The Silliman University School of Music Presents the Folk Arts Ensemble
  • Kudaman papers