The UP Transparency Seal

The University of the Philippines complies with the conditions of good governance as set by National Budget Circular 542 issued by the Department of Budget of Management.

Available below are the information required of the university under the circular.


I.   Mandate, Functions, Vision Mission, Citizen’s Charter and Officials






          - UP Baguio Organizational Structure and Directory



           - UP Baguio Citizen's Charter 2016 


II.  Annual Financial Reports


      - 2016

      - 2015

      - 2014

     -  2013

  III. DBM Approved Budget and Targets


       - General Appropriations Act 2015 (UP System)


               - IOB 2016 (UP Baguio)


       - Major Final Output 2015 (UP System)

               - MFO 2016 (UP Baguio)

IV. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation

 V. Annual Procurement Plan 2017


      Consolidated Annual Procurement Plan 2016 of ALL UP CUs


      Consolidated Annual Procurement Plan 2016 of UP Baguio


            a. Annual Procurement Plan 2017 (Common Used Supplies & Equipment) 

            b. Annual Procurement Plan 2017 - R & D (Infrastructure and R & D Projects)

            c. Agency Procurement Compliance Performance Index (APCPI) 

                - Annex A, B, C, D

            d. PhilGEPS Certification of Compliance (COC) - all UP CUs

 VI. System of Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals


      Guidelines for Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals for the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) for Fiscal Year 2015

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